90 - 150 

�konomisk start system for forgasser matet V6/V8

Powershot Systems

System Application
Basic system without injector plate for building custom installations
V8 Holley 4bbl. (125 HP*- fixed)
V8 Quadrajet (125 HP* - fixed)

Super Powershot Systems

V8 w/Holley and Carter AFB (late) 4bbl. (adjustable to 150 HP*)
V8 w/Quadrajet and Holley Spreadbore 4bbl. (adjustable to 150 HP*)
V8 w/Holley 2bbl.
V8 w/Rochester 2bbl.
Jet Pak #13720 is included with each Super PowershotTM System for these
power levelsStage 1 100 HP . Stage 2 125 HP - Stage 3 150 HP

System Requirements

To properly supply the carburetor and the PowershotTM System, use a fuel pump designed to operate between 4.5 and 7 psi with a flow rate of 0.1 gallons per horsepower at 6 psi. For example, an engine that produces 350 horsepower when the PowershotSystem is activated will require a fuel pump that flows at least 35 gallons per hour at 6 psi. *Actual performance gains will vary depending on the engine's condition and configuration. The system can be used on an engine with stock rods, pistons and crank. However, at power levels of 140 and above it is recommended that heavy-duty forged components be used.

Recommended Optional Accessories
To obtain optimum performance from a Powershot system it is highly recommend to
monitor both fuel pressure and nitrous pressure using NOS gauges. Maintaining a con-
sistent bottle temperature is also beneficial. Use an NOS thermostatically controlled
heater, or a bottle blanket.
The Powershot kit was designed as an excellent entry level system for use on stock or slightly modified V6 or V8 carbureted engines. These high quality, and easy to install kits, offer you up to 125 horsepower on V8 applications at the touch of a button The power levels obtained, of course, will depend on the host engine. The Powershot- system utilizes a thin (I/T' total thickness) injector plate which is installed between the carburetor and intake manifold. Highly accurate spray bars within the plate simultaneously inject both nitrous oxide and fuel into the manifold, creating a smooth rush of extra power on demand. The other 99% of the time when nitrous is not being used, the engine is its normal, docile self -fuel economy is not affected. The Powershot- kit comes set up from the factory for each application, and will provide "safe" power. Should more (or less) power be desired, the adjustable Super Power Shot allows jets to be changed for different power levels. Each Powershot system comes with a standard 10 lb. capacity nitrous bottle, aircraft quality stainless steel braided hose, injector plate, solenoids and all other necessary electrical and mounting hardware for a complete installation. Also available is the Super Powershot, which is identical to the Powershot, but comes with jets and can be adjusted in three power levels.

The following are actual examples of typical performance gains which were obtained simply by bolting on a 125 HP NOS "Powershot" kit:

1968 Chevelle, 327 CID before 14.3 @ 98.1 - qfter 12.5 @109.6

1977 Nova, 305 CID - before 14.9 @ 91.4 - after 13.4 @ 102.5

1985 Mustang GT, 302 CID before 15.0 @ 92.7 - after 13.7 @ 105.2

1974 Plymouth Duster, 340 CIDbefore 14.8 @ 93.2 - after 13.6 @ 104.2

Powershot settet var laget som et utmerket start system for bruk p� standard eller
lett modifisert V6 eller V8 forgassermatet motorer. Disse h�ykvalitets og lett
installerbare settene tilbyr deg opp til 125 HK p� V8 oppsett ved � trykke p� en