50 - 250

Engineered for precise distribution of nitrous and fuel for all domestic and foreign carbureted/EFI 4, 6, 8 cyl. & Rotary engines. The NOS Sportsman Fogger Systems offer superior 


atomization and tuning by injecting precisely measured amounts of fuel and nitrous into each individual port with our patented Fogger Nozzles. Power levels are adjustable by changing nitrous and fuel jets in each Fogger Nozzle. The latest in high-tech solenoid technology allows for an extreme degree of reliability with jetting adjustability ranging from a 50 to a 150 extra HP gain. All Sportsman Fogger Systems include a 10 lb. capacity nitrous bottle, Powershot nitrous and fuel solenoids, Fogger nozzles, aircraft quality steel braided hose, and all other necessary electrical and mounting hardware for a complete installation. Requires removal of intake manifold for plumbing.
The Sportsman Fogger kit and a 180' dual plane manifold make an excellent combination for the street. You get all the bottom-end torque and fuel economy of a dual plane during everyday street driving, then hit the bottle for an awesome performance gain. It's the best of both worlds. Many newer dual plane intake manifolds now come with nitrous bosses.

Part Description
02622 (A,B)
05030 (A,B)
05030-C (A,B)
05030-FI-C (A.B)
05040 (A,B)
05040-FI (A,B)
05080 (A,B) 
05082 (A,B)
05085 (A,B)
05088 (A,B)
05088-C (A,B)
Over manifold V8 w/Fogger Nozzles
4 cylinder and Mazda rotary, carbureted
4 cylinder carbureted, show kit
4 cylinder fuel injected applications
4 cylinder fuel injected applications, show kit
6 cylinder (inline) carbureted
6 cylinder (inline) fuel injected applications
VW and Porsche, (opposed) 4 cylinder, air-cooled(A,B)
VW Pro Fogger (4-cylinder opposed)
6 cylinder (opposed) Porsche, carbureted
V8 small block
V8 small block, show kit
Note A: Available with 15 lb. bottle. Acid - 15 to part n um her.
Note B: Available with 20 lb. bottle. Add -20 to part number.

System Requirements

To supply the carburetor and the Sportsman Fogger System in carbureted applications, use a fuel pump designed to operate between 5 and 10 psi with a flow rate of 0. 1 gallons per hour per horsepower at 6 psi. Fuel injected applications will require a fuel pump that flows at least 0. 1 gallons per hour at system pressure. For example at 42 psi flowing, a motor that makes 450 bp while the nitrous system is activated will require at least 45 g.p.h. at 42 psi flowing, and going down the track. Due to the high power levels and cylinder pressures produced by Sportsman Fogger Systems it is highly recommended that you use high quality forged pistons and rods as well as high quality racing ignition system with timing control. If horsepower gain is more than 40% of original, forged pistons are recommended.

Note: Manifolds can be sent directly to NOS for custom plumbing at a nominal charge.

Note: Available in "Show Quality"- polished stainless tubing, polished distribution blocks and chrome solenoids. Add "-C" after kit part #.

Note: NOS sells and supports a full line of competition NOS fuel system components.

Recommended Optional Accessories:
Nitrous pressure gauge 
Fuel Pressure gauge (
Nitrous bottle heater 
NOS Comp. Fuel System 
Proaressive nitrous controller
NOS Purge Valve