75 - 150 EKSTRA HK.

Top Shot

The Top Shot Nitrous system is the easiest NOS kit to install. What's more, the system can be concealed within the air cleaner assembly. The nitrous and fuel mixture is simply injected directly down into the top of the carb. The injector module slides over the carburetor/air filter stud without having to remove the carburetor. What could be easier? The Top Shot module requires no additional clearance where other systems may.
Fits inside most standard air cleaners  and can be adjusted to produce from 75-150 horsepower!
The Top Shot utilizes nitrous and fuel flare jets which are adjustable to produce impressive power gains from 75 to 150 HP for stock or modified performers with complete reliability. For performance and ease of installation the Top Shot is an excellent choice. Comes with jets for 100-150 HP.
Part # Application
Top Shot, Holley 4bbl., carbureted
Top Shot, Holley 4bbl., carbureted, w/51b. bottle

75 - 150 EKSTRA HK.

Sneeky Pete

The Sneeky Pete was designed as a true "Cheater Kit." This kit will enable you to obtain that extra tenth of a second without being obvious. It will be necessary to jet the carburetors a little richer (over and above what is normal, since you will have to compensate for the nitrous from the Sneeky Pete) while being "sneeky" since no additional fuel source is utilized. 
Totally portable system installs in minutes. Uses two 9volt batteries for power. The ultimate trick!
The kit comes complete with a compact, easy to conceal lOoz. bottle, nitrous solenoid, nylon nitrous line, wiring, 9v battery holder and an assortment of jets. Carry it in a briefcase!
Part #  Application
05029 Sneeky Pete (all carbureted applications only)

75 - 150 EKSTRA HK.

Under Manifold
Cheater System

Here's the perfect "stealth" nitrous system with all the advantages of direct port injection! Precisely measured amounts of fuel and nitrous are injected into each individual port with exclusive NOS space-saving jet spray nozzles for maximum adjustability and distribution. Power levels from 100250 extra HP are available by changing individual jet spray nozzles for fuel and nitrous. With the under manifold system, all plumbing lines are out of sight. This system comes complete with jets for 150 HP, all necessary electrical/mounting hardware, along with detailed instructions.
An excellent way to get the performance benefits of nitrous while keeping it all a big secret!
Part # Application
Under manifold V8
Under manifold V8, w/151b. bottle 
Under manifold V8, w/201b. bottle