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Dette forandrer en nyere
modell Camaro til en
12 sekunders rakett

Fourth Generation Camaros and Firebirds equipped with LS-1 engines respond especially well to nitrous. Add an NOS #05177 system and you'll have the power to turn low to mid-12's in the quarter mile. Hang on!

NOS engineers have developed an elegantly simple kit for the LS-1 engine that is a breeze to install and tune. But don't let the simplicity fool you -this kit delivers an honest 125 horsepower! It's a "dry" system that only injects nitrous oxide into the intake tract and relies on the factory E.F.I. to provide the extra fuel necessary. All the required electronics are included to enable the OEM computer (ECU) to compensate for the extra fuel requirement on demand. Jets are included with the kit that allow the user to adjust power outputs to match available traction. The system can only be activated at wide open throttle (WOT) and comes with a safety shut-off in the event fuel pressure drops below what is required to maintain an adequate flow. 

As with all other NOS kits, everything required for a complete installation is included (hardware, electrical, plumbing and detailed instructions). Includes a big 15-1b. bottle, Super Hi-Flo valve and nitrous pressure gauge. Compare the impressive power gains of this system with its modest cost and you'll see why it's the best performance value going!

Those fortunate enough to have LT-1 power in their Corvette, Camaro or T/A can certainly appreciate the substantial extra performance available through the installation of an NOS system. They are capable of producing up to 150 extra HP and fully adjustable. Also available are special 50-state emissions-legal systems for Corvette, Camaro and Firebird T/A installations (EO D-266). Kits come with all required hardware, electrical, plumbing and detailed instructions.