150 - 300 

Potent "Big Shot" plate
E.F.I. tilf�rer opp til 300 HK

Those who desire to put some serious muscle in their Mustang need look no further than the race-proven #2115 "Big Shof' system. Before going any further, we want to caution you that the stock 5.0 block was not designed to accommodate these levels of extra power, and a high strength SVO block and hi-performance components should be utilized

The NOS "Big Shot" plate system has been used with great success by many of the nation's premiere 5.0 racers. It fits between the upper and lower manifold sections, and delivers a highly atomized dose of nitrous and fuel to the intake tract. Systems are available to fit the standard 5.0 manifold, factory GT40 manifold and Edelbrock setups (including the Victor model). To achieve power levels of 200 horsepower and above the system requires us of an NOS #15805 fuel line assembly. As with all serious nitrous installations, the use of special fuel pumps is required.
With the advent of Ford's "modular" engine platform, NOS engineers have done their homework and developed a highly effective nitrous system for the increasingly

popular 4.6 powerplant. It is available for both SOHC and DOHC engines, and is fully adjustable to deliver up to 150 horsepower. "Dry" technology is employed to provide substantial gains with complete reliability, utilizing the engine's own EFT to provide the needed extra fuel. System #05171 fits 1996-98 Mustangs, with a 50-state emissions legal system (#05171-EO) also offered. The kits include all electrical, hardware and "plumbing" required for installation. A detailed instruction manual, too.