75 - 150 

Fantastisk "t�rr" system for
5.0 Mustang motorer


System Application
05115 (A,B)
05115-2 (A,B)
05116 (A,B)
05171 (A,B)
05171 -EO
05415 (A,B) 
02115 (A,B)
02116 (A,B)
02117 (A,B)
02118 (A,B)
05112 (A,B)
05156 (A,B) 
Ford V8 port fuel injection, 5.0L, Stage 1
Ford V8 port fuel injection, 5.0L, Stage 2
50-state legal Ford 5.0L kit Stage 1 (EO #D-266)
(same as kit #05115 + EO upgrade kit #15833)
50-state legal Ford 5.OL kit Stage 2 (EO #D-266)
(same as kit #05115-2 + EO upgrade kit #15833)
4.6L, 1999 Mustang GT/Cobra (COMING)
4.6L, 1996-98 Mustang SOHC/DOHC
50-state legal Ford 4.6L kit
(1996-98 Mustang SOHC/DOHC - EO #D-266)
Stage 2 Ford 5.0L kit - 150HP
"Big Shot" 5.0L Mustang system, stock manifold
"Big Shot" 5.0L Mustang system, GT40 manifold
"Big Shot" 5.0L Mustang system,
  Edelbrock Performer & RPM manifolds
"Big Shot" 5.0L Mustang system, Edelbrock Victor manifold
5.4L Supercharged 1999-2000 Ford Lightning (COMING)
4.6L - 5.4L Ford 1999-2000 (COMING)
Note A: Available with 15 lb. bottle. Add - 15 to part number.
Note B: Available with 20 lb. bottle. Add - 20 to part number.

5.0L Ford Mustang System Upgrades

Now you can convert your Stage 1 kit to the extra horsepower of a Stage 2 system. The Stage 2 upgrade kit is designed to complement and upgrade our standard 05 115 Stage 1 kit. Includes our new EFI fuel pump (part #15763) for extra fuel demand as well as all other brackets and fittings necessary for Stage 2 power levels.
System  Application
0015     Upgrade kit for 05115 kit (75HP) to 05115-2 kit (150HP)

You know how a dual stage nitrous system can let you leave the line at moderate horsepower levels for maximum traction and then bring a second stage in for up to 150 extra HP on the big end. NOS now offers you a dual stage upgrade for the standard Stage 2 5.0 system.

System  Application
0016     Converts single stage (05115-2) into a dual stage kit (05415)

15805 5.0 Fuel "T" - Required for 200+ HP systems

For street and street/strip applications there's nothing better than the popular "dry" 5.0 system from NOS. It's designed to introduce the nitrous (which makes the intake charge oxygen-rich) in the intake tract and obtains the required extra fuel from the EFI unit. This assures excellent atomization of the air/fuel mixture, and serves to eliminate the problems (like "puddling" of fuel) that occur with our competitor's "wet" systems for the 5.0.

75-150 EXTRA HP FOR 5.0
The entry level, or "StageI" system for the 5.0 is NOS kit #05 115. This is the basic "dry" system that injects nitrous into the intake tract and the extra fuel is delivered by the E.F.I. It will produce a conservative 75 extra horsepower and handsome im prove ments in performance.
For those who desire more power. NOS has developed the "Stage II" package, which includes a special high performance fuel pump. By substantially increasing the pressure, a far more dense air and fuel mixture is injected into the engine. This effectively doubles the power potential to 150 horsepower. Everything required for the "StageII" system is contained in NOS kit #05115-2.

Dual stage (not to be confused with "Stage II") systems are also available.
These feature multiple solenoids, and inject the nitrous/fuel mixture in stages
Through this incremental application of power it is often possible to get quicker elapsed times due to not overpowering the chassis/tire combo on the launch, and apply power downstream when it can be accommodated by the vehicle.

NOS engineers have developed key systems for the 5.0 Mustang that are 50state emissi ons- legal, including both 75 and 150 horsepower versions. They are covered under C.A.R.B. Executive Order #D-266. Retrofit kits to upgrade existing systems are also available.