75 - 200 

Absolutely The Kick-ASS System For CSR V-TECs!

To obtain serious horsepower gains with these Honda/Acura engines, you need a system where significant amounts of nitrous oxide and fuel are injected into the engine simultaneously in the intake port-not a nozzle jammed into the snorkel tube. NOS offers a special plate injector system for 1.8 GSR Integra and 2.2 Honda Prelude VTEC engines that can be adjusted to produce up to 200 extra horsepower.
This is a competition system that is primarily designed for use on modified engines (if used on a stock motor it should be jetted at no more than 75 horsepower). The special "Big ShoC plate (which is manufactured using state-of-the-art EDM technology) is installed between the factory two-piece intake manifold along with the butterfly plate, and requires no modification to the factory electronic fuel injection
In terms of performance, there are many, many testimonials from satisfied NOS users detailing their experiences. For example, the kit (along with modifications to the engine) can propel a relatively stock looking Prelude deep into the 13-second zone in the quarter mile. One of the most popular "engine swaps" to come along in years is dropping the V-TEC into a Honda Civic. We've seen them run in the I I's at over 120 mph in streetable trim without the need of a blower or turbocharger. About the most awesome performance we've seen is Ed Bergenholtz's Front Wheel Drive, uni-body, 9-second CRX with an NOSboosted turbo V-TEC.
System Application
02040 (A,B)
02045 (A,B)
1997-99 Acura Integra GSR (1.8 V-TEC)
1997-99 Honda Prelude (2.2 V-TEC)
Note: A (add - 15 to part number for 15 lb. bottle;
          B (add -20 to part number for 20 lb. bottle
Recommended Optional Accessories
Because of their light weight, many racers opt for NOS carbon fiber bottles (which come with a Super Hi-Flo valve and pressure gauge). Other important accessories include a fuel pressure gauge, nitrous bottle heater, and purge valve.
The effect of 200 extra horsepower is often too much for a front wheel drive chassis to handle, so an NOS Progressive Nitrous Controller is a valuable option. This will allow you to administer the nitrous smoothly, and maintain optimum traction.

System Requirements

Due to the high power levels and cylinder pressures produced by the NOS "Big Shot" V-TEC system it is imperative to use premium quality forged aluminum racing pistons, forged steel rods and a forged (or billet) crankshaft. Additional reinforcement of the engine through use of special cylinder head and main studs is recommended. Use only unleaded racing fuel. A high output ignition (with ignition retard feature) and free-flowing exhaust system is essential to obtain optimum performance from this nitrous system. Do not use aftermarket chips or other devices that advance ignition timing, as detonation may occur.
Use a high performance fuel pump (or multiple pumps) that provides a substantial increase in flow and pressure over the OEM setup. As a rule of thumb, the system must produce a flow rate of 40-60 gallons-per-hour AT a pressure of 40-50 PSI. A relatively stock motor can be on the lower end of the scale, while a highly modified engine must be at the high side. It is advisable to have the pump(s) flowed prior to installation.