200 - 400 

Verdens kraftigeste plate lystgass system


System Application
02101 (A,B)
02102 (A,B)
02110 (A,B)
02110-9 (A,B)
02111 (A,B)
02115 (A,B)
02116 (A,B)
02117 (A,B)
02118 (A,B)
Big Shot (200-400HP), Holley 4bbl.
Big Shot (200-400HP), Dominator
Big Shot (200-400HP), Dual Holleys
Big Shot (200-400HP), Dual Holleys 
Big Shot (200-400HP), Dual Dominator
Big Shot 5.OL Mustang System, Stock Manifold (EFI)
Big Shot 5.01---Mustang System, GT40 Manifold (EFI)
Big Shot 5.01L Mustang System, Edelbrock Manifold (EFT)
Big Shot 5.01---Mustang System, Edelbrock Victor Manifold (EFI)
Converts #02001 Cheater kit to #02101 Big Shot kit Converts #02010 Cheater kit to #02110 Big Shot kit Converts #02002 Cheater kit to #02102 Big Shot kit Converts #02011 Cheater kit to #02111 Big Shot kit Converts #02010-9 Cheater kit to #02110-9 Big Shot kit
*Optional powerjets are available for a variety of lower horsepower settings. Actual performance gains will vary depending on engine condition, configuration and jetting of nitrous system applied.

System Requirements

The Big Shot kits are designed for use with engines that have been extensively modified and designed primarily for competition applications. Use a fuel pump designed to operate between 5 and 10 psi with a flow rate of at least 0.1 gallons per hour per horsepower at 6 psi. The high cylinder pressures generated with this kit greatly increase the load on the pistons, rods, crank, and block. High strength forged components, splayed mains and a four-bolt block with cylinder head studs are much more likely to survive the extreme horsepower levels that these kits can produce. Use only a high quality racing ignition system with timing control. Intake manifolds which have an individual orifice -for each carburetor venturi should not be used with Big Shot Systems. Open plenum, single plane manifolds work best.
Racing gasoline is required.
With the introduction of the Big Shot, NOS has created a whole new era in nitrous technology. The Big Shot utilizes a unique "fogging" plate design to vastly improve nitrous flow, fuel atomization, and mixture distribution. Advanced EDM technology is employed by NOS to manufacture the "Big Shot plates, allowing for the spray bar to be equipped with 88 tiny, precision-made "jets" to better disperse the nitro u s/gaso line mixture. Accordingly, this highly efficient nitrous system can create as much as 400 extra horsepower from a single plate! In fact, the Big Shot was responsible for the world's first 7 second pass in a street legal car and many records in NMCA "street legal" classes!
The single stage Big Shot System, as used in those record breaking runs, includes the famous NOS Super ProShot nitrous solenoid with -6 AN nitrous supply line, and can quickly be adjusted from 200 to 400* extra HP by changing fuel and nitrous jets. If your car just can't hook up at the starting line with a big shot of nitrous due to chassis or track limitations, consider the advantages of our 2-stage Big Shot system.
Big Shot systems come complete with a variety of powerjets, 10 lb. capacity nitrous bottle, a thin 1/2' Fogging Plate, filters, fuel and nitrous fittings, switches, 6 AN nitrous supply line, and all other electrical and necessary hardware, as well as a fully detailed, illustrated instruction booklet.
There are specialized Big Shot kits that feature plates engineered just for a specific application. These include the Ford 5.0 engine and Honda VTEC.
Special kits are available to upgrade your NOS Cheater system to Big Shot nitrous power. The amount of power you obtain from a system is dependent on the engine it is being installed on.