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System Application
02401 (A,B)
02402 (A,B)
2 Stage Big Shot (200-400HP), Holley 4bbl.
2 Stago Big Shot (200-400HP), Dominator
Note A: Available with 15 lb. bottle. Add - 15 to part number.
Note B: Available with 20 lb. bottle. Add -20 to part number.
System Requirements
The Big Shot kits are designed for use with high quality race engines only. Use a fuel
pump designed to operate between 5 and 10 psi with a flow rate of at least 0. 1 gallons per hour per horsepower at 6 psi. The high cylinder pressures generated with this kit greatly increase the load on the pistons, rods, crank, and block. High strength forged components, splayed mains and a four-bolt block with cylinder head studs are much more lik ' ely to survive the extreme horsepower levels that these kits can produce. Use only a high quality racing ignition system with timing control. Intake manifolds which have an individual orifice for each carburetor venturi should not be used with Big Shot Systems. Open plenum,single plane manifolds work best. Use of racing gasoline is required.

Recommended Optional Accessories
Nitrous pressure gauge, fuel pressure gauge, nitrous bottle heater, NOS competition fuel system.(pump, filter, etc.), purge valve.
Not all cars can benefit from getting an "instant" boost of up to 400 horsepower, as tire and chassis limitations can cause a severe loss of traction. To provide for the more gradual application of power, NOS offers this highly effective Dual Stage Big Shot system. It features two sets of nitrous and fuel solenoids, so that power can be added in two events.
The first stage allows you to leave the line with a moderate performance boost, say 200 horsepower. Then, when your tires are hooked up, you push the button for a full load of 400 extra breathtaking ponies. The first stage is activated by a throttle switch while you push a button to activate the second stage and automatically deactivate the first. Included are 2 Cheater solenoids for the first Stage and a Super ProShot nitrous solenoid with a high-output Cheater fuel solenoid for the second stage.
NOS also offers a wide variety of special electronic controllers. These can be employed to activate the 2nd stage of a system such as this, while the Progressive Nitrous Controllers can actually dictate the amount of nitrous (in percentages of total power potential) and time frame.
Whatever system you use, it's important to recognize that the tremendous extra power
of nitrous can be too much for some cars to handle at one time.