Now from Wingmaster-It's your Choice...

The Original Power-Style
or the New Shear-Style TurboWings!

Now there's two ways to go with the TurboWing II,
Super-Mini, Cal-Jammer and Bug Deflector Spoilers!

 New technology gives you a choice in TurboWing finish detail
 Orginal Power-style with rivets New smooth shear-style without rivets.*
The Power-Style TurboWing 11, SuperMini, Cal-Jammer and Bug Deflector spoilers are constructed from heavy gauge polished stainless steel. This heavier gauge material means more durable and longer lasting wings. In fact, they are practically indestructible. This "muscle" look remains a favorite for those who want to demonstrate the "power" style on their vehicles. Finish rivets line both leading and trailing edges of the Wings.
They're truly the professional hauler's choice.
 TurboWing 11, Super-Mini,
 CalJammer and Bug Deflector in
 Shear-Style feature the new
 "Smooth" look with 3-piece,
 seamed, wraparound construction,
 This seamed method of
 construction allows for the use of
 lighter gauge materials resulting in
 lower cost; but the end product
 remains TurboWing all the way -
 without the muscle look of rivets!
 The ShearStyle is "cruiser",
 through and through,
Regardless of which style of wing you choose, rest assured it is produced from the highest quality materials and workmanship available. Heavy gauge polished aluminum bracketry is used on both styles to insure exact and secure mounting.
*Note: Shear-Style wings not available in Big-Rig 900 Series
 (Deluxe or Standard) or 700 Series.