TurboWing 1 Standard 900 Series
The big-rig option for even more savings...
Strong brush-finish and rust-free aluminum bracketry makes up the mounting system for the Standard 900. The Standard 900 features four-bolt bracketry strut mounts on both the left and right rear. Note the anti-shock and vibration-absorbing rubber pads.
The TurboWing Standard 900 Series air deflector answers the call" from owner/operotors who want TurboWing performance, but more affordably. Extensive R & D and precise engineering by Wingmaster Company produced the Standard 900 which is nearly identical to the Deluxe 900 except for two component items.

The Standard "clone" features all brush-finish aluminum bracketry (instead of powdercoated or chromed steel) and a 26 gauge, 2-piece (capped) leading wing tube in lieu of the 20 gauge, 1 -piece tube found on the Deluxe 900. Otherwise all construction and features are generally the same.

Uncompromised Construction:
The Standard wing, though less expensive than its counterpart, sees the same start-to-finish construction methods and
materials except as those noted above. Ultimate Wingmaster quality control standards also follow through the manufacturing process. Simply - it's the some; only its new bracketry system and front tube makes it more cost efficient.

Durability & Functionality:
Wingmaster Company guarantees the Standard 900 TurboWing to be just as functional as the time-tested Deluxe 900 Series model. From its stainless steel, aircraft-quality riveted construction to its dramatic performance as a big fuel saver, the TurboWing Standard 900 is impressive!
The TurboWing Advantage:
Review this list of featuresoffered only by Wingmaster

Proven construction methods much the some as the Deluxe TurboWing 1.

Fully polished stainless steel construction.

Same big-rig/sleeper applications as the Deluxe 900 including all newer Integral's, "Mid-Roof's" and Walk-in's.

High quality materials and hardware.

Lighter gauge front leading edge.

Wingmaster-engineered strong aluminum bracketry.

Full three year limited warranty.
Money back guarantee if not completely satisfied (see limited warrantee).
TurboWing 1900 Series - Deluxe & Standard

Item Description

Material Finish

Crate Size


TurboWing Dl.
TurboWing Std.



Key: Pol-SS = Polished Stainless Steel
Note: The exact numbers needed to fill in the (**) star portions of the part number depend upon the truck and/or sleeper that the wing will be attached to. See the PRICE SCHEDULE for a detailed application chart and the part number codes needed for your specific application, (Codes needed to complete your specific application).