The TurboWing Legend...
What started on a napkin ended up saving consumers millions of dollars...
Two close friends, one of whom is the president of Wingmaster Company, Inc., have been avid motorsports fans since the early sixties. One Saturday evening in the early 1970's, after returning from a professional drag racing event, the two talked about how wings, or more appropriately spoilers, had such an effect on the performance of race cars.
They wondered at the time, how such an effect could be made possible on line-hauling big-rig tractor/trailer trucks, which critically face air drag more seriously than any vehicle in the world.
While sitting at a small kitchen table in a house in North Hollywood, California, a closeby paper napkin was grabbed, a pencil started drawing, and before the night was out many sketches were made. That rudimentary beginning would eventually lead to the success of a company that caters to all aspects of vehicular air drag in the form of the TurboWing.
In the beginning, like most newly conceived mechanical products, desire and design were thwarted by reality - though the style design seemed true enough, the functional design failed. Some crude but realistic function design testing was performed in the Mojave Desert,'only to see the two friends back at the drawing board.
Two years and many designs later, and after many thousands of dollars were spent in prototype construction and testing, a leading aerodynamic expert, in concert with a NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory consultant concluded that a true and efficient air reduction device had been designed and built. Wind tunnel and baseline speed testing, performed independently by the engineer proved that the TurboWing was ready to go to market. And it did, in a big way.
Today, the original TurboWing design represents a family of Wingmaster products that literally puts money back into the pockets of their users and owners. Specifically, for the big-rig truckers, it has enabled them to reduce fuel costs substantially, thereby stemming much of the inflationary cost of consumer goods from being passed on to the consumer.
TurboWing products, in whatever sizes and styles, work. Their functional design, coupled with precise workmanship, top-grade materials, and fine finish detail keep them in a class of their own.
A long way from a napkin on a kitchen table.

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The Wingmaster Warranty/Guarantee:
Turbowing I Deluxe 900 Series: Limited Lifetime Warranty
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Turbowing Aerolite 700 Series: Limited Lifetime Warranty
All Other Series (Power Style): Limited Lifetime Warranty
All Other Series (Shear Style): Limited Two-Year Warranty
All Aerotravel Models: Limited Two-Year Warranty