TurboWing 1 Deluxe 900 Series
Meet the big-rig industry's finest fuel saver...
Turbowing I TurboWing I fits: All conventional, cabover and integral (walk-in/flattop) tractors. (One exclusive application allows for installation on the stand-up Peterbilt while staying within the height restriction - see photo above).
The "Granddaddy"of all air deflectors is the original TurboWing 1. This size, shape and design has been successfully used by the trucking industry's elite owner/operators for nearly two decades. Its impeccable over-the-road performance record has made it one of the most popular accessories in the industry today because TurboWing 1 works. Its proven functional design has enabled thousands of truckers to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in fuel costs each year.

When it comes to wingstyled air deflectors this is where it all began. Wingmaster Company has been testing, building, and updating wing designs for nearly two decades, all to bring to the trucking industry the finest air deflectors ever made. 
TurboWing "tough" is the term unmatched in the trucking industry today - rugged over-theroad environment remains a real-life "tell-tale" test for big-rig accessories. While some air deflectors are giving in to this harsh reality, TurboWings remain solid and continue to prove their worth, trip after trip.

Independent test results, as well as signed testimonials from owner/operators have shown consistent fuel savings of approximately 10%, all the way up to 19%. For the average owner/operator this means payback for their TurboWing investment in less than 6 months.
The TurboWing Advantage:
 Examine this list of features offered only by Wingmaster Company:

Documented, independently formulated test results,

Highest quality materials and hardware.

Pre-formed body panels to reduce undo stress on rivets.

Heavy gouge steel bracketry - powder-coated block, or choose chrome as an option.

Full application range which includes ail newer sleepers - Integral's, "MidRoof's" and Walk-in's.

Money back guarantee if not completely satisfied (see limited warranty).

PACCAR approved. The only wing-styled air deflector available through PACCAR's Parts Division.

Don't let another costly mile go by. TurboWing 1 is the best investment you con make.