Cal-Jammer Deluxe 100 Series
Roof/hard tonneau cover mount
Meet the most advanced and most beautiful street spoiler ever created...

The Cal-Jammer Deluxe is a serious upgrade from the standard unit (see page 13). The body design is virtually the some with the major difference being bracketry mounts, Wingmaster manufactures its own exclusive design ball and socket, hinge-type joint to allow for full adjustment to the wing. This hi-tech design is the first and only developed for such an application - further proof of our commitment to the production of leadingedge products.
This fiberglass shell mounted Cal-Jammer Deluxe features bolt through/support plate installation - same method is used for hard tonneau covers. Exclusive ball & socket hinge allows any adjustment angle. All bracketry is polished aluminum. Installation on sheet metal utilizes riv-nut inserts which means no headliner/interior removal!
Installation is kept simple by using the bracket base as a template for drilling mounting holes. Bracketry is fully adjustable with only one moving part, the hinge. This exclusively designed ball and sockettype joint provides years of use with very little wear. As with the roof style Cal-Jammer Deluxe, mounts are also designed for easy assembly and installation. The base is also a template for the drilling of mounting holes.