TurboWing-Styled Air Deflectors
The TurboWing-styled
air deflector is nearing the two-decade mark as the most relied upon,
most effectively designed deflector ever created. Simply, TurboWing directs oncoming air to lift it up and over towed trailers to dramatically reduce drag, thereby increasing fuel mileage. And simply, it works extremely well.
TurboWing's unique, trademarked concave design, similar to that of an airplane wing, was developed in the early 1970's by Wingmaster, then tested and put into production in the mid-70's, just in time to help many with the worst oil crunch America had seen since World War II.
The original design, like
most newly developed
products, had a very
rudimentary beginning,
mostly theory based,
But it soon advanced through many stages of
development and testing
2 which would
eventually cost
thousands of dollars.
Over a period of two years Wingmaster Company, working alongside a leading aerodynamics engineer from Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA), fine-tuned the original theory into a working model. Once the prototypes were built, forces were joined with Jack Lambee of Aerovironment Company to thoroughly test them. The result was the TurboWing 1 being effective at significantly reducing air drag on a tractor-trailer to increase fuel mileage,
After wind tunnel testing proved that the TurboWing design was correct and effective, Jack Lambee, working independently, performed a series of baseline speed tests. This real-life and foolproof method of testing, commonly used by most aerodynamic experts, concluded that the TurboWing's design reduced air drag about 19%. This equates to approximately a 10% increase in fuel mileage.
The TurboWing style and function has thus become extremely successful over the years for thousands of line-hauling big-rigs, and its unique qualities and moneysaving end results have been passed along to downsized towing operations in the form of the TurboWing 11. Since 1983, thousands of pickup and dually crewcab owners, towing both cargo-type and 5th wheel trailers have enjoyed similar fuel savings by utilizing the unique TurboWing concave design.
But can these tremendous benefits still be blessed with air deflectors that are cosmetically appealing? Guaranteed!

Wingmaster's superb craftsmanship and attention to finish detail are coupled to top-grade stainless steel to provide looks that are unmatched by any deflector or spoiler available today!