A eroTravei 1 represents the unique, trademarked design by Wingmaster Company. It effectively and efficiently receives oncoming air to funnel it, and
move it up and over a towed 5th wheel or travel trailer. This winged deflection method is by far the best, most proven means of air management ever devised, reducing air drag approximately 30% As a general rule
the AeroTravel 1 should be your choice if your travel trailer or 5th wheel is 8' to 13' tall (ground to roofline). AeroTravel 1 comes finished in brushed aluminum, powdercoated (white), or in polished stainless steel.

For information on the exciting Aerotravel line of deflectors, contact your local Wingmaster dealer or distributor or, contact Wingmaster direct for a color brochure.
NOTE: Because of this unique, effective wing design, AeroTravel 1 should be considered for any trailer towing application to achieve maximum deflection efficiency. Adjustable bracketry on the AeroTravel 1 makes this possible since the wing angle can be set according to any trailer height. If you tow a 5th wheel, AeroTravel 1 also works to extract turbulent air from the bed of the truck, thus contributing to the reduction of drag.
AeroTravel 11 is of noticeably smaller and different configuration, yet it still retains the same concave design characteristics as the AT 1. Specifically, it should be used by the RV traveler who tows with a sport/utility vehicle or full shell, the typical "box-type" of RV travel trailer (and a typical height of 8' or less, ground to roofline). AeroTravel 11 dissipates oncoming air to reduce drag nearly 20%, then disperses it over the leading edge of smaller towed trailers. Its adjustable angle allows for "height" in air deflection travel, depending on the leading edge height of your RV trailer. Its is ideal too, for older travel trailers, box-type utility trailers, and for the towing of high-profile boats. When air deflection is not needed AeroTravel 11 adjusts and locks to a "flat" position in just minutes. AeroTravel 11 is available in brushed aluminum finish or powdercoated white.