TurboWing Aerolite 700 Series
The Downsized TurboWing 1 Exclusively for Standup/High Roof Sleepers...
  With the popularity of large, raised roof sleepers growing, Wingmaster modified the original TurboWing to conform to the industry's height restrictions. The Aerolite was thus developed to stay within restricted height limits. With the exception of the modified bracketry configuration, which is polished aluminum, the Aerolite offers all the same quality features found in the TurboWing Advantage check list (page 4). See immediate fuel savings now with the Aerolite custom-fit air deflector. TurboWing Aerolite fits all Aerodyne'-type sleepers, raised roof sleepers, and many other miscellaneous applications.
 The TurboWing 
 Aerolite Advantage:

    In addition to those listed
 on page 4, the Aerolite 700
 Series now includes a full
 application range to cover
 all newer standup/ high
 roof sleepers.
Aerolite 700 Series

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Aerolite SS



KEY: Pol-SS = Polished Stainless Steel