John Lawlor
"... We strongly recomend that anyone who has an iterest in the automotive hobby should purcase the Auto Math handbook" - Mustang and Fords illustrates the matemathical calculations and examples in the areas including combustion chamber volum, horspower torque, displacement , final drive ratio and volumetric efficiency.
ISBN: 1-55788-0204
UPC: 075478-01020 2
Size 8 1/2" x 10 1/4"
HP1020 160pp.

John Pfanstichl
Paint is the #1 appearance on a car- this guide explanes all that one needs to master the automotiv painting prosess.
Covers chip repair and paint care for the layperson all the way through and including the latest paint technology for the professional.
ISBN: 1-55788-034-4
UPC: 0 75478-01034 9
Size 8 1/2" x 10 1/2"
HP 1034  208 pp.
Fred Phun
"Something the street machiner who's building a technical library will defeniely need" - Popular Cars
Facts about everything from the earliest drum brakes to advanced carbon/composites brakes. Practical techniques and formulas tell how to design, improve, test and maintain complete brake systems.
ISBN: 0-89586-232-8
UCP: 0 75478-62328 0
Size 8 1/2" x 10 7/8"
HP328 176 pp


Jim Horner
Covers all the basics of automative wiring. Explains electrical theory and how components work slep-by-slep.
Detailed glossary of terms and symbols. How to lay out circuit diagrams and apply them.
ISBN: 0-89586-2387
UCP:0 75478-00238 2
Size 8" x 10"
HP387 166 pp

Tom Currano and Ron Sessions
Covers the resturation prosesses for first (1967-69) Generation Chevrolet Camaros. Information on disassembling all exterior sheet metal, reconditioning and repairing rust, sun damage, glass, wiring and convertible tops is also included with over 500 photos and illustrations.
ISBN: 0-89585-375-8
UPC: 0 75478-00375 4
Size: 8 1/2" x 10 1/8"
HP758 208 pp
A Do-it yourself, basic Guide To Repairing, Replacing or Customizing Automotive Interiors.
Bruce Caldwell
A comprehensive guide to performing basic upholstery and interior repairs on all kinds of automobiles written expressly for the home entusisast. Meny projects can be done without sewing machines or messy dyes. Auto upholstery and interiors is a helpful, userfriendly guide on how to replace headlines, lay custom carpet, repair dashboards door panels, package trays and kick panels, rearholster scale frames using pre-sewn kits and select the best cleaning products and cleaning methods.
ISBN: 1-55788-265-7
UPC: 0 75478-01265 7
Size: 8 1/2 x 10 1/8
HP1265 160pp
Don Taylor
Don Taylor, coauthor of HPBooks' best selling Paint & body Handbook, now shows you how to care for that professional paint job and detail a vehicle for show competition, includes fully illustrated sections on state-of-the-art detailing technology products and equipment; how to detail exterior interior, chassis, engine compartment; and setting up an auto detailing business.
ISBN: 1-55788-288-6
UCP: 0 75478-012886
Size:81/2" x 107/8"
HP1288 128pp