Race Cams

If you have a competition vehicle that is not intended for street use:

1. Refer to the pages in the catalog that deal with your engine and your type of racing. For example, if you have a Chevy 350 that is used for oval tack racing, but you are limited to a flat tappet, turn to pages 54 - 56.

If you have difficulty selecting a cam for your application or have questions concerning this catalog or anything in it please call our CamHelp Hotline.

Technical assistance is available from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm (CST) Monday through Friday. Qualified, experienced technicians will answer your questions about camshaft and component selection.

For those of you that have access to DOS-based personal computers, another option for cam and component selection available to you is our CAMQUEST Cam Selection software described in detail on the following page.