The Comp Cams Story
A Look Back Look at our record!

in 1977 a small group of engine performance specialists decided to combine their expertise to form what is nowknown as Competition Cams.
The sole purpose of this highly knowledgable and dedicated collection of engine builders and engineers was to produce the finest racing and street cams that money could buy. Hard work and product knowledge has taken Competition Cams to the top of the industry.
From its humble beginning, with just 10 employees, Competition Cams has grown to be the industry leader in camshaft technology and valve train related components. The company now has more than 150 employees.
Competition Cams' staff of engineers and technicians has made our research and development department unparalleled in the business. Consistent innovation in both racing & street applications is the key to success.
Competition Cams is always on the cutting edge of Technology, regardless of the demands. When the oil embargo caused gas prices to soar in the 70's, COMP led the way in developing camshafts that provided bettergas mileagewithout a power loss. This led to a completely new breed of camshafts. As gas prices stabilized in the early 80's, power again became the order of the day. Competition Cams was ready and responded with its Magnum Series camshafts accommodating the strongest "muscle cars" of the 50's, 60's and 70's. From its patented 100 Super lock to its patented Magnum Roller RockerArm, COMP, the Choice of Motorsports Professionals, has always set the curve in innovation. We will continue to do the same in the future.
With more than 75 years of combined experience in the engineering field, Competition Cams assembled a staff of camshaft and valve train components experts that few, if any, in the industry can match. That experience, combined with the latest design technology is the recipe for success for not only Camp Cams, but for you as well. Competition Cams sits atop the pinnacle of design success. From Blueprint to prototype testing, Comp Cams leaves nothing to doubt in offering you the absolute finest product available, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Comp's 120 000 square foot manufakturing and distribution center.

NASCAR drivers such as seven time Winston Cup Champion Dale Earnhardt, Terry Labonte, Mark Martin, Jeff Gordon, Rusty Wallace and Bill Elliott, just to name a few, all put their trust and livelihood on the shoulders of Competition Cams. The top NHRA drivers also put their faith in COMP Cams, including 10-time Winston Champion Bob Glidden, Steve Schmidt, and Mark Pawuk.

We at Competition Cams gladly accept the challenge the professionals put before us and we'll pass the knowledge and expertise we gain from them to you.

COMP vs. O.E.M.

In an attempt to appeal to the largest number of customers automakers design and produce a wide variety of vehicles to fit the needs of potential customers. In many cases, the manufacturer's automobiles share a common engine design. Mass produced, these engines conform to one set of horsepower and torque configurations regardless of application.What does this mean to you? COMPROMISE. 
It's the only way for the manufacturers to accommodate all the possible applications. They create the flattest power curve possible that will suit the needs of the greatest number of applications. Stock camshafts are no different. They are designed as the total compromise for every conceivable application. In some cases compromise in power and mileage is acceptable, however, in the majority of cases, compromise becomes a problem rather than a remedy.
The camshaft is one of the most important factors in the relationship between high performance and gas mileage. Quite simply, a camshaft that will produce more power in the range in which you do the majority of your driving will provide more response and efficiency. That's why each and every cam produced at Competition Cams is designed with your driving style in mind. The High Energy series of cams is best suited to the lower RPM ranges associated with passenger cars, light trucks and vans. Every High Energycams is designed to provide maximum torque in the range in which you do most of your driving.
For the performance-minded driver, the Magnum series provides a broad range of camshafts in hydraulic, hydraulic roller, solid and solid roller tappet versions. Each design has unique characteristics and application suggestions. With increased use of computer controlled engine systems, Competition Cams is on the move again with its line of Pure Energy cams. Designed for emission-controlled vehicles,