Research & Development  

These cams are a another product of our industry-leading research and development department and our ability to adapt to ever-changing times. Our leading edge technology allows us to stay in front of the pack of camshaft and valve-train technology.

Key to the Future

The ever-changing world of the high performance automotive aftermarket business requires constant attention the future. Regardless of the short or long term, Competition Cams' attention to the future sets it apart from the competition. At Comp Cams we don't wait for the future, we define it. Our research and development team isan unequalled assemblage of engineers and technicians.
With more than 75 years of combined experience in the automotive engineering field, our R & D team provides unmatched ability in designing world's finest camshafts and .valve-train components. That experience, coupled with the latest computer-aided technology for carrying out every phase of the design process, provides the ability to produce a product that few, if any, can match.
From blueprinting to prototype testing, COMP has the recipe for success and it's at your fingertips. We guarantee customer satisfaction. Following are just a few of our ingredients for success which ensure YOUR success.
A staff of eight full-time specialists, including three graduate engineers, twocam designers, a computer specialis and three technicians as well as a stable of expert consultants in such diverse fields as metallurgy, cam design and vehicle emissions.
COMP owns a one-of-a-kind computer based cam profile organizer, custom made to our specifications. This invaluable tool is not only used for cam design, it also measures and records data from each and every race cam and stores the information to a database by serial number for future reference It also measures all critical dimensions. This ensures the cam is ground to exact, precise specifications.

A computer driven camshaft master maker that shortcuts what was previously a four day process to make a camshaft into a two hour process.

A variety of test engine stands for final durability testing of'all products on running engines. Totally self-contained with batteries, alternators and radiators, these stands run countless hours under controlled conditions providing much need data on the life of our products.

COMP's attractive and unique packaging promotes quick sales and maximum profit.

COMP engineers work in conjunction with OEM automakers on special projects, ranging from developing modified versions of our current products for OEM vehicle release to testing and development for their special vehicle groups. A final benefit of these trips is that many OEM quality suppliers have locations in and around the Detroit area. As a result, a trip doesn't go by without us visiting several in our continuing effort to improve the quality of our products.

Clearly, COMP Cams has spent a great deal of time and effort to put together what has become the most complete research and development team in the industry, demonstrating how committed we are to the value of R&D. The objectives of our efforts are the ability to respond quickly to the market with outstanding product quality and performance, resulting in unequalled customer satisfaction. It is this commitment that makes us the industry leader in camshaft and valve-train technology. And YOU are the beneficiary.

Two independent valve motion analyzers. One is "OPTROW" based while the other uses a laser transducer to sense valve motion. load cells, strain gauges, displacement transducers (both optical and laser) and high speed videos are used to gather data needed to make these determinations. These high-tech fixtures allow us to determine the effects of lobe shape, component stiffness, valve-train mass and to fine tune the entire system ensuring all of the parts will work together. COMP calls it "System Engineering". Since each part of the system has a certain frequency, they must all be measured and matched so that all parts will compliment each other.

A spin fixture for valve train component durability and over stress testing. Capable of maintaining speeds up to 12,000 RPM, this machine will subject valve train component., to stresses well above their normal operating envelope.

Three fully functional CAD stations, each equipped with the latest in design and modeling software (minimizing overall design time, increase accuracy and facilitate easy drawing exchange with our suppliers).

Two complete Superflow Dynamometers, along with a rack of engine baseline test engines ranging from a late model OHC turbocharged four cylinder to the latest Winston Cup small block Chevrolet.

Companion equipment to the dynos include cylinder pressure measuring instrumentation and electronic fuel injection and ignition controllers for OEM computer controlled engines.

Vehicle testing resources capable of generating everything from 0 to 60 or 1/4 mile data for advertising purposes or federal emissions test data for parts certification.

In addition to the previous items, we have a complete machine shop on premises to do anything from tooling and prototype fabrication to all aspects of engine rebuilding, as well as a fully equipped dimensional/material analysis laboratory for measuring any feature of our parts that we desire. Frequently we call on outside testing or measurement firms all over the country for independent evaluations or for measurements that may be outside our capabilities.

The OEM car manufacturers obviously have a profound impact on the direction that the performance aftermarket is heading. Therefore, it is extremely important to develope and maintain good working relationships with all auto makers. The research and development team takes regular trips to Detroit for just this purpose. Not only do we contact the special vehicle engineering areas, but current production groups and supplier divisions as well. This keeps us current on items soon to be released for production.