Cam Characteristics
If you have a street duty engine please read the following descriptions to help you decide which of our product lines that best suited for your application.

Street Cam Characteristics

Pure Energy - Cams designed to work with computer systems and to comply with emission standards as well. In general, these cams are low RPM cams with very smooth idle.

High Energy - These high torque cams work very well on the street. Made for use with engines having a 9:1 CR or less. They can be used in conjunction with most stock components, including intake and exhaust manifolds, and carburetors. Normally, gas mileage will either remain the same or increase over a stock cam.

Dual Energy - These cams have more duration and lift on exhaust than intake. Designed for applications where a sacrifice in low end is acceptable for an increase in mid and upper range RPM horsepower. They should be used in conjunction with an exhaust system that is much more restrictive than the intake system.

Magnum - These cams are very aggressive, designed for performance oriented vehicles where they will see little street use. Stock components are generally incompatible. Changes are needed in rear end gear ratios, headers and the torque converter. Magnum Cams are available in the following lifter types:

Hydraulic Flat Tappet - Features anti-pump-up flat tappet hydraulic lifters, providing a good compromise between low maintenance requirements and performance capabilities.

Hydraulic Roller - Has all of the abilities of the hydraulic flat tappet, but when paired with the required roller lifters, the lobes can be designed to provide higher torque output and a smoother idle for the same RPM range.

Nitrous HP - These camshafts are designed to maximize performance from engines equipped with nitrous oxide or supercharging, but the carefully tailored profiles deliver strong performances without nitrous; however, they offer incredible gains with nitrous.

Xtreme Energy These cams are Comp Cams newest series of hydraulic and hydraulic roller cams. They are designed to take advantage of the latest improvements in valve train components and the newest developments in camshaft design. Their aggressive lobe design produces better throttle response and top end horsepower that other cams with the same duration @ .050", while delivering increased engine vacuum.

Solid Flat Tappet - The lifter uses solid lifters, therefore the customer must want higher performance at higher RPM. The customer must also be unconcerned with valve lash maintenance.

Solid Roller - Uses a solid roller lifter, therefore, it can be made to be more aggressive than a hydraulic roller. For use in high performance applications where the ultimate concern is performance potential at higher RPM. Periodic checking of the valve lash must not be a problem.

* After reading these descriptions refer to the table listed below and on the next page see lists of cams available and their intended use.

* Once you have decided on a cam to fit your needs, turn to the section in the catalog that deals with your engine type, there you will find more in depth information and recommendations of the parts you will need.