Ford Racing 392ci Forged Stroker Short Block Engine Assembly
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The Ford Racing 392 Stroker is begins with a Ford Racing Sportsman II 5.8L/351W 2-bolt main block. The rotating assembly includes a forged steel 3.85'' stroker crank, forged steel 5.956'' connecting rods, bushed for full floating pins, ARP bolts, and cast forged aluminum 4.030'' pistons with a 15cc dish. With the right head, this assembly will make 9.7:1 compression. Top it off with your choice of camshaft, heads and timing chain set and you're ready to roll! Balanced for 28.2 in/oz balance factor.

Note: Requires use of head gasket P/N 397-M-6054-D331 for Sportsman II block.

397-M-6009-C392 392ci Forged Stroker Short Block Assembly   38.300 + Mva