GM Performance Parts ZZ383 Crate Engine
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The ZZ383 offers Big Block performance with a Small Block price tag. It starts with the legendary Fast Burn cylinder heads and 383ci block, to offer an incredible 460 lb-ft of torque @ 4500 RPM with a smooth, liner delivery. The combination of a 4.00'' bore and 3.75'' stroke steel crank and a stout .509''/.528'' lift hydraulic roller camshaft produces 425 HP @ 5400 RPM, making the ZZ383 the benchmark by which all other 383ci small blocks will be measured. GM's testing was completed using a GM single-plane intake manifold, a 750 CFM Demon mechanical secondary carb, and 1-3/4'' primary x 33'' length headers with 4'' collectors. A dual-plane manifold can be used, but will affect overall peak performance numbers by 15-20 HP.


  • Horsepower: 425 @ 5400 RPM
  • Torque: 460 lb-ft @ 4500 RPM
  • Compression Ratio: 9.7:1
  • Block: Cast Iron, 4-Bolt Main, 1-piece rear main seal
  • Crankshaft: Forged 4340 Steel, Externally Balanced
  • Connecting Rod: Powdered Metal (Special ''383'' Version)
  • Pistons: Hypereutectic Flat top with offset pins
  • Camshaft: hydraulic roller, 222/230 @ .050'', .509''/.528'' lift, 112 centerlobe
  • Cylinder Heads: Aluminum Fast Burn 62cc chamber, 210cc intake runners, 2.00'' hollow stem intake/1.55'' sodium filled exhaust valves, LT4 Corvette valve springs and lightweight retainers, D-shaped exhaust ports and dual bolt pattern intake manifold and valve cover configurations
  • Rockers: 1.5:1 Aluminum full roller, self-aligning
  • Water Pump: Cast iron, Long style, standard V-Belt rotation with 1979-86 power steering pump boss

    Additional Parts Included:

  • 8'' balancer
  • 12-3/4'' automatic flexplate
  • 4-quart oil pan with windage tray (5-Quart capacity with PF35 filter)
  • Painted valve covers with oil cap, and grommets, provisions for PCV breather
  • Composite (plastic) Front timing cover
  • Spark plugs
  • Engine oil dipstick and tube - passenger side location
  • Brass freeze plugs
  • Fuel pump block off plate
  • Engine lift tabs


    ZZ383 Crate Engine, 425 HP/460 lb-ft 

      48.700 + Mva

    Note: This engine has provisions for a mechanical fuel pump. Fuel pump pushrod and adapter plate are not include.

    The engine block and cylinder heads are drilled and tapped for all standard accessory and mount bracket locations including both clutch ''Z'' ball stud locations - standard and 1963-82 Corvette.

    Front face of engine block is also drilled and tapped for the 1955-57 Chevy type motor mounts. If using these motor mounts, the mounts will need to be modified to clear the 8'' balancer on this engine.

    If a short water pump is to be used on this engine, there will be clearance problems between the bolts that retain the back plate on the water pump and the composite timing cover used on the Fast Burn 385. Many times this problem can be fixed easily by replacing the bolts on the water pump rear cover with allen button head bolts. If this approach does not work, the timing cover will need to be replaced with a sheetmetal or any chrome unit. Any small block Chevy timing cover will work on the Fast Burn 385. If the timing cover is replaced, dowel pins are also needed.

    This engine comes equipped with a 12-3/4'' automatic flexplate which works with most TH350 and 700R4 torque converters. If a TH400 is being used, a 14'' flexplate must be used.

    If this engine is to be used behind a manual transmission, two manual transmission flywheels are available, a 12-3/4'' or a 14''. The 12-3/4'' flywheel is used with 10'' to 10-1/2'' clutches and the 14'' flywheel is used with 11'' to 12'' clutches. Flywheel bolts and a pilot bearing are also required.

    It is possible to retrofit this engine with a L98/LB9 TPI system. Special intake manifold 12498060SD along with 24 lb. injectors PTE24 must be used (Available through GM Performance Parts). Custom computer re-programming is also necessary.

    There is a confusing history of sparkplugs that have been used in the Fast Burn 385 throughout it's lifetime. Originally, most of these engines used a (not commonly available) AC Delco MR43LTS spark plug, which is a marine version of the R43LTS (it has nickle plated barrels to resist corrosion). These plugs can be replaced by an AC Delco R42LTS (commonly available). If some extra clearance is required, a gasket seat plug can also be used (heads accept either). The gasket seat equivalent is FR3LS (also commonly available). All plugs should be gapped at .045''.