The Playback Tm Box converts any Auto Meter
 tachometer (except magneto version) into a playback
 recording device. Full runs can be replayed at full or half
 speed and viewed on the tach or downloaded to a
 printer.An LED clock displays .0 1 second increments
 for thorough analysis.

  9150 Playback Box- For Drag Racing
  Stores up to four, forty second runs.

  9160 Playback Box- For Oval Track & Road Racing
  Single recordings up to 10 minutes can be stored on the
  high capacity single "page" of Memory.

  5222 Replacement Wiring Harness for use with
  the Playback Box (Model 9150 & 9160)

  Same as the car-side disconnect harness packaged .
 Quality racing
 wire,mounting cups,
 panels & other
 accessories are
 listed on pp. 86-90
"ARMS" Automatic Record Memory Start (Model 9150 only)
 Four Recordings, 40 Seconds Each Memory Block OR
(Model 9150 only)
10 Minute Recording for Oval Track (Model 9160 only)
Start - Stop Control
LED Time Clock
Full and Half speed Playback
Printer Output Capability with Printer Interface

 Previously recorded runs stored in Auto Meter's
 Playback Tachometer or Playback Box can be
 downloaded into the Printer Interface.The run can be
 sent directly to a printer without the need for a
 computer.Any Epson format 9 or 24 pin dot matrix
 printer will work. The Printer Interface is completely
 portable with its own 9 volt battery (included).

 9140 Printer Interface for Playback Tach and Tach
 Playback Recorder (Drag) (Does not work with 3962 or
 3963 tachometers or original series of Ultimate tachs
 with toggle switch on inner control module) Holds up to
 3 minutes of data storage.

 9142 Printer Interface (Oval Track)

 For use with 6876 or 9160. Holds up to 3 minutes of
 data storage.